Dr. Lou Philipson Joins ADA Legal Advocacy Subcommittee

We are pleased to share with you a recent announcement from Mr. Alan L. Yatvin, Chair of the Legal Advocacy Subcommittee of the American Diabetes Association.

Lou Philipson, MD, PhD

Lou Philipson, MD, PhD of the Kovler Diabetes Center

Friends and Colleagues:

I am pleased to introduce the newest member of the American Diabetes Association Legal Advocacy Subcommittee (LAS), Louis H. Philipson, MD, PhD, FACP.

Dr. Philipson, is Director of the Kovler Diabetes Center and Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago . He is an endocrinologist and a leading world authority on diabetes mellitus. In 2011, he was chosen one of America ’s Top Doctors by U.S. News & World Report Magazine. His research focuses on the biophysical, molecular and genetic aspects of insulin secretion, and the genetics of diabetes.

Dr. Philipson was a co-discoverer of insulin gene mutations causing neonatal diabetes, a novel class of mutations causing diabetes through beta cell ER stress. These mutations are now known to be the second most common cause of permanent neonatal diabetes as well as rare causes of later onset diabetes. Dr. Philipson is also co-director of the Human Islet Transplantation project at the University of Chicago . He has served as principal investigator on numerous research projects and has been widely published in biomedical journals including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science, Nature, Diabetes, American Journal of Physiology and the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Clinically he focuses on type 1 diabetes and complicated type 2 diabetes, monogenic diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Currently President of the Chicago/Northern Illinois board of the American Diabetes Association and also a recent member of the National Board, he has been an invited speaker and presenter at scientific research conferences and symposia worldwide. Dr. Philipson also is the recipient of numerous awards including ADA Research Awards and the National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI) Outstanding Scientist Award. Most recently he was named the 2011 recipient of the Samuel Eichold II Memorial Award for Contributions in Diabetes by the American College of Physicians.

In addition, Dr. Philipson has also been involved in diabetes advocacy efforts, serving as an expert witness in cases involving persons with diabetes in custody, along with involvement in issues concerning persons with diabetes in driving, education, employment and pilot certification. In 2010 Dr. Philipson testified in support of the Illinois Safe at School Legislation.

Please join me in welcoming Lou Philipson to the LAS.

Alan L. Yatvin

The team at the Kovler Diabetes Center congratulates Dr. Philipson on his most recent appointment!


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