A New Online Experience for Our Patients and the Diabetes Community

At Kovler, we strive to give our those who see us the best care, access to the latest tools and technologies, and our unwavering commitment to support their health and emotional well-being. An important component of our mission is the online experience that we provide…not only for our patients, but for the diabetes and medical community as a whole.

Enhanced Kovler Diabetes Center WebsiteRecently, we asked friends, families, colleagues and co-workers to analyze our website and identify where and how we could make improvements. We also asked them to help us create another website that’s dedicated solely to  genetic forms of diabetes–Monogenic Diabetes.

After several months of digging in to each and every page of our website and collaberating with various specialists on staff to develop our genetics website, we are proud to announce our newly enhanced websites…

KovlerDiabetesCenter.org and MonogenicDiabetes.org

Enhanced Monogenic Website from Kovler Diabetes CenterOn our websites, you’ll find:

  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Information on Kovler’s unique clinical programs, Kovler for Kids and InTransit
  • Resources and an online registry for rare genetic forms of diabetes
  • The latest in clinical trials for children and adults
  • Kovler’s event calendar and online event registration

….and more!

Our hope is that these websites will prove to be a valuable online tool for those living with diabetes or those effected by diabetes. We realize the the virtual world is one that is constantly evolving, so our promise is to stay informed with the latest in social media, online education, and innovative uses of the internet that can help you, your families, friends, co-workers and communities. That said, we always welcome your feedback and would love to hear your comments!

Lou Philipson, MD, PhDAll the best,
Lou Philipson, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine and Pediatric
Director of the Kovler Diabetes Center

Please feel free to connect with us through our website, Facebook page or Twitter handle. You can also tweet Dr. Philipson personally at @lphilipson.


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